Sharing the #aesthetic on instagram

hey there,

Happy Easter, happy April Fools, and happy return to this blog! It's been a while, but I'm back with regularly scheduled twice weekly post on Wednesday and Sunday! I don't have a reason for my absence other than that I just didn't feel up to it. Now that the weather has changed, my mood has too and this includes my willingness to shoot blog photos.

This Sunday's post is all about my favorite social media platform: Instagram. I enjoy following aesthetic instagram profiles and trying to keep up themes. I've had various 3x3 themes for over a year now, but recently decided to stick to three photos per theme. I noticed I stopped posting what I wanted and instead started posting what "fit" and I don't want to filter myself in that way. This doesn't stop me from lusting after beautiful feeds though. I very much admire what people are able to create and share. Whilst brainstorming ideas for blogposts Gabriëlle came up with the idea to recreate some. And as a regular passenger of the hype train I decided to hop on and roll with it.

# 1 Fenced in

The first one we (Gabriëlle my trusty friend and photographer) tried to recreate is a black and white photos from Maddy Corbin's account (@maddy.corbin). A few difficulties you'll run into in trying to recreate a photo: clothing, lighting, pose, and positioning. The biggest freaking difficulty though, is the right lens. We used a standard kit lens as that's all we have, but a 50mm was necessary to create that depth of field. Clothing was easy to gather; I had a beret from halloween and own too many sweaters anyway. Since we live in an industrial area, a fence and an abandoned parking lot weren't hard to find.


Overall, I'd say we did a pretty good job. There's a likeness, but it's not a blatant copy. I had a lot of fun creating this one, but the whole hand to mouth thing was very difficult to position. My favorite part might be the outtakes but can you blame me? Left is #mood and right is just 10/10 candid af.


# 2 The Blogger Pose

For the second one we decided to go with this post by Billie Rose (@billierose). It's a pose that many, many bloggers feature and honestly, I don't know why because that shit is hard. Ignoring the fact that we don't have a balcony or that there are many trees in central Sheffield, the head tilt and arm grab are anything but natural and easy. I very much related to the difficult difficult lemon difficult meme during this shot. I did notice the lack of white shirts in my wardrobe, so maybe I have to replace one of my many striped shirts (???????)


 # 3 Signature

Before going on this adventure Gabriëlle picked out some pics for me to choose from and on the day itself we didn't necessarily plan to shoot this next one but we found the perfect blue wall, so be prepared to find it pop up on the blog more often. With all the striped clothing items I own, you'd expect I have something colorful but no, again, I disappoint myself. Yet, I think these photos turned out great, nothing matches but the pose but look how much fun I had. I think both Gabriëlle and I got some good 'grams outta this one, thanks to the Jaci Marie (@jacimariesmith) for this one!


Recreating these instagrams was so much fun. It definitely showed that there's more to instagram than a filter and a lucky shot. I really want to do another one of these, maybe recreating some of my friends' instagrams? Would you be up for that? I sure as hell have enough saved images to do these every week. Any instagram goals you aspire to, or are ya just double tapping out of all these apps?

- Y.


  1. Cute!!! Lmao my new years resolution was to post more on instagram and i've literally posted 0 times this year

    1. Thanks hilde!! You can do it tho just post and I'll line AND comment!!!! <3