2017 Best of Nine

hey there,

it's the end of the year -which I'm sure you're aware of- and this period usually calls for New Year's resolutions and some serious reflection. I'm not one for resolutions, I think the beginning of a month or year doesn't set the tone: you can start whenever you want. Having said that, I do think it's nice to look back on what the past year has done for you. Seek the highs and the lows, and discover what you wish to continue or drop.

Inspired by my amazing friend and ultimate blogger Eden (link to here blog here), I thought it was fun to do this reflection alongside my nine most liked instagram posts. Wouldn't be a true millennial if I didn't include something social media-esque right. So what made the cut, what did I learn, and what will change?

Looking back on the overall theme of my Best of Nine 2017, I noticed that my time in Tenerife with my main bae Michaela was definitely the best time. Five out of the nine were taken there, and thinking of that holiday I have nothing but amazing memories. I hope you do too boo, even though you hate heat and sand (because it's coarse and rough and gets everywhere).

 1. The Bikini Shot
Not something I ever thought I'd be posting online, but getting more into body positivity and body confidence taught me that any body is a beautiful body and allowed to be shown off. Also the fact that I absolutely loved the River Island bikini I bought in like February definitely helped.

 2. The Boat
Tenerife was definitely one of the best holidays I've ever been on: there was delicious food, great weather, and an amazing best friend to share it all with. One of the highlights was definitely seeing the dolphins. I've always been a dolphin girl and seeing them in the wild was a dream come true. Added bonus of posing like I own the place was just great.

3. The Dress
On one of our last days in Tenerife we dressed up and took a beach walk after dinner. Inspired by the young family's photoshoot we passed, Michaela and I decided to have one of our own. The sunset was perf and so was the moment. I've never seen Michaela have that much fun in a sandy environment, and don't think I ever will again :p

4. The Dress 1.0
I saw this dress at H&M and the colors and the stripes just spoke to me. I had always stayed far far away from bodycon dresses because I just didn't think they'd suit my shape. BOY was I wrong, because when I put it on and saw how bangin' I looked I didn't wanna ever take it off. It gave me a new bout of confidence I definitely needed.

5.The Drink
Anyone who knows me knows I do not drink alcohol, but that ain't gonna stop me from getting those mocktails. This photo also reminds me off the lash perm Michaela and I got before we went on our trip. It was truly a relaxing experience: you lie down, they do your lashes, you fall asleep, and you wake up with amazing lashes. I highly recommend trying it.. both the drink and the lash perm.

6. Brunch at Ted's
If I love two things it's brunch and puns, which was amazingly combined at Ted's in Utrecht. I went there with one of my best friends and amazing instagram husband Hilde. I've had the pleasure of living next to her for the past three years, which has been a true blessing and I definitely miss our Monday or Thursday dinner nights, Asos sessions, and trash talk Tuesdays. I really hope we can resume that tradition when I am back in the NL for a longer time.

7. The Selfie
Whilst 8 of the 9 feature my face, this is the first selfie to hit the top nine. If there's one thing I learned from this it's that I need to post more selfies. Celebrate myself, and celebrate good angles (and strategically placed elbows)

8. Dublin
In January of 2017, Hilde and I did a four city trip and our first stop was Dublin. Besides the convenience of paying with the Euro, Dublin was absolutely beautiful. This trip definitely strengthened mine and Hildes friendship (survived the friendship test) it was the most fun. This trip also took me to Sheffield, where I decided that yes, despite the hills I do want to study here: and now I am!

9. Pinned Down
I found some great pins this year, discovering the Swan Market has really enriched my pin game. But I guess it has a double meaning: I graduated and moved out, and then moved abroad, I've been anything but pinned down. I've been all over the place this past year both mentally and physically, which is good and definitely something I want to continue. But at the same time I also want to be more organized, and pin down what I want to do after I finish my MA.

So that was my best of nine, many things didn't make the cut, but that doesn't mean they're any less important: graduation, moving abroad, friends, family etc. It's social media, it's superficial, it doesn't hold any worth, but it's an amazing tool to store memories and experiences. Don't forget to check out Eden's original post here, and the rest of her beautiful blog. Have a happy new year, be safe, and I'll see you in 2018!



  1. yas girl slay!! more selfies!! your audience needs you!!

    1. any excuse I'll take it lol. "why didn't you hand in your assignment?" 'sorry my audiences needed me xoxo...' can you imagine hahaha <3