Winter Highlights

hey there,

It's April, it's spring, it's lighter outside, and it's getting warmer by the week. All round good improvements considering what 2018 has been so far. Since I've been away from this blog for most of 2018, I thought a recap was in order. I had planned for this post to go up yesterday, but forgot to schedule it before I left to visit my friend in Nijmegen. Now it gives me the perfect opportunity to throw in terms such as 'throwback Thursday' and "#blessed #grateful" like the true millennial garbage that I am.

If I'm being really honest I'm already looking forward to the summer. How much I'll actually get to enjoy it is another question because I'll be stuck writing a dissertation, but that's a problem for future Yonna. Let's instead focus on the past, in true history grad student style, and let me catch you up on some of my favorite moments,

At the beginning of this year I started making monthly playlists. I love listening to my Discover Weekly, a Spotify created playlist vaguely based on what you listen to, and sometimes there's real gems in that list. I wanted a way to group those songs so I wouldn't just lose them after a week, but I also didn't want one big ole playlist. So I created monthly playlists! The playlists consist of both new and old songs, songs I randomly came across or got recommended to me. You can visit my profile here and see if there's anything in them that tickles your fancy.  (please ignore my username I was young and foolish)

I found poffertjes in M&S! Moving away my biggest food worries were bread and cheese, but the longer you are a way the more nuanced your tastes get. I started to miss things like poffertjes, paprika chips, ribbel chips, casave chips, sate sauce etc. etc. You know how difficult it is to find Ketjap Manis in England??? Very!!! Not fun. Thankfully through sheer luck I found both ketjap manis and poffertjes at M&S so that made dealing with English bread and cheese a little easier. On the topic of food. GabriĆ«lle and I got to try many new (for us) cafes and restaurants, so expect a round up post with my recommendations when I'm back! 

It snowed like crazy in Sheffield, not just once but like three separate times. It was a glorious couple of days and I would've loved if we'd have had a sled of some capacity, sheffield is very hilly so there were many opportunities for it. The Peak District in snow is a whole different ballgame. It's like stepping into Narnia without the possibility of betraying your siblings over some turkish delight.. maybe. I wish everyone who came to visit got to experience this because it's not something you'll forget. I'd say our snowy days are over but just a few days ago there was another batch of snow. England why??? 

I'm trying not to make this blogpost too long or too photo heavy, so that's why I'm stopping here. I'll quickly sum up the rest: rental bikes, scrabble, shopping, cinema with reclining seats, and sun. Fingers crossed I remember to schedule posts in the future so no more post delays. If it does happen so be it. 

I'm anxiously awaiting what the future holds, but I can always rely on my camera roll to remind me of the things that have happened in the past. 

- Y. 

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  1. Poffertjes!!! Also yeah the Netherlands is so chill when it comes to buying foreign foodstuffs. Denmark also has like nothing exciting in the regular supermarkets.