Why I Love Autumn and Botanical Gardens

hey there,

Fall is officially here! Halloween might be over, but I'm not over Halloween. So I'm doing everything to celebrate this time of year. What better way then to surround yourself with as much of it as possible. One of the best places to do that is in a park, which leads us to the Botanical Gardens. At the beginning of our arrival here Gabriƫlle stumbled upon a celebration of Bonfire Night at the Botanical Gardens, sadly we didn't get tickets before the event was sold out, but we knew that it was a place we would have to visit regardless of impending fireworks or not, we would just create our own.

So there we went, in an Uber that zoomed past our university and neatly dropped us in front of the gardens. Upon entering we were immediately surrounded by fall. Warm golden trees, orange hues of a sun that was approaching the golden hour. Yet this is not what we came here for; we wanted to discover the botanical part of the botanical gardens. So into the pavilion we went. There were ferns for days, plants from all over the world, and cacti that looked like fuzzy penises. It was great. It was *yuge*. Whilst the building was recently restored, it still had a sense of its history. I know for a fact that my mom would've loved it in there, and I would've had a hard time dragging her out of there. It was gloriously green and nice and sheltered from the strong autumnal wind.


The park surrounding the Botanical Gardens, located neatly on top of one of the many hills, provided us with a beautiful view of the city. We were also very surprised about the sheer amount of squirrels in the park. They were also not shy at all, not London levels of brave but definitely not shy. The park is neatly divided and gives ample opportunity for photoshoots. I'm dreading it getting colder and the park losing all it's rich color, but it is what it is and there's no stopping it #science.

Fall is not just my favorite season because I was born in the fall, although it probably contributes. I love crisp weather, the warm hues that resemble the Naked Heat palette, and all the unlimited hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and cream. It's comforting and romantic and wholesome. Whilst it gets dark way too early, you can't deny that the accompanying sunsets and excuses to sit on the couch (because who goes outside when it's dark anymore?!) is not worth it. Warm apple crumble after Sunday roast (or Sunday chili con carne) makes me feel satisfied even if I haven't finished that paper that I definitely had plenty of time for but left till the end.

 Hat: Topshop - Sweater: H&M (Old) - Jeans: River Island - Shoes: NastyGal

Whilst deadlines are steadily approaching, so is winter. So I'm just going to fall a little bit more in love with autumn for a little bit, if it let's me..

- Y

Thanks Gabriƫlle for making me look like a professional blogger, thanks Michaela for your editing, and thanks VSCO cam for allowing me to multi edit.


  1. Gurl, couldn't agree more! Fall is the best, hot chocolate for days!! (Also A+ use of the word "crisp")

    1. To be honest it is always 'crisp' weather but fall is *the* time man. it's the best around, and nothing is ever going to take it down <3

  2. Amazing but taking points off for "yuge"

  3. Thanks Michaela, I see and value your comment but fake news