12 Days of Christmas Films

hey there,

There's only T W E L V E days until Christmas!!!! Happy Chrysler everybody. Time to decorate your trees, drink hot chocolate, and eat all the edible christmas tree decorations before they go in the tree! If you have any time left in between all the gift buying and decorating (and studying) it's got to be filled with Christmas movies. I love Christmas movies, they bring out this warm feeling that isn't quite mirrored by anything else. I've put together a list of my fave movies to watch at Christmas, and some I'm dying to watch this year. So put your festive pjs on a let's get cracking.

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001)
    What better way to start of the holidays than to kick it off with a Harry Potter marathon? Step back into your childhood and join Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they explore everything Hogwarts has to offer. I love watching the first Harry Potter, I think it's a good translation of the book and just fills me with nostalgia. 
  2. Sound of Music (1965)
    Musicals and love???? sign me up. The Sound of Music was also one of my childhood favorites. I always dreamed of wearing a dress like Liesl and dancing in the rain with my (not Nazi) boyfriend. Although this film is three hours long, time just flies by as you delve into Maria's thrilling time as a governess.
  3. The Holiday (2006)
    It's a true Christmas Classic™so it definitely deserves a watch. Whilst the chances of running into Jude Law -you know, before he cheated on his wife with the nanny- are slim, it's lovely to see Cameron Diaz get what she deserves.
  4. Matilda (1996)
    Not necessarily the first thing you think of when looking up Christmas movies, but Roald Dahl's stories have a way of bringing everyone together.
  5. Rise of the Guardians (2012)
    This endeavor into Jack Frost's story has tears rolling down my face every time. It's important to believe in the magic of Christmas, even if you don't believe in Santa. Move over Polar Express, Jack Frost has a story to tell. 
  6. Love Actually (2003)
    I might not be spending Christmas in the UK but that does not mean I can't bring a UK Christmas home with me. Love Actually has you feeling all the feels, just what the doctor ordered this Christmas.

  7. Elf (2003)
    Moving onto something a little more fun: Elf. This hilarious comedy has everything a good Christmas movie needs: a scrooge, Santa, and a happy ending. 
  8. White Christmas (1954)
    This is a movie that's on my To-Watch List, but upon research, it was pretty much in every 'Classic Christmas movie' list. IMDB describes it as follows: A successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general.
  9. A Christmas Carol (1984 or 2009 or the Muppets Version)
    Whichever version of this story you take, you are bound to end up in a fantastical journey through christmas past, present and future. Wise lessons will be bestowed upon you so pay close attention! 
  10. The Age of Adaline
    Another non-christmas movie, but one that follows another theme in this list: one of family and togetherness. It's a feel-good movie, but one that has you crying at times. 
  11. Minoes
    A Dutch movie (that's known as Undercover Kitty or Miss Minoes in English) that was partially filmed in my hometown, also does not have much to do with Christmas, apart from the snowy end scene. It is just one of those movies you pop in and enjoy, it's funny and endearing and has cats, what more do you want (subtitles? got ya covered!)
  12. Grand Budapest Hotel
    If you're in for a night of the most beautiful shots, Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel got you covered. I watched this earlier this year and was amazed by the coloring and the simplicity but it all just works together. It is to no one's surprise that some of the soundtrack ended up on my 2017 Most Listened.

Bonus: if you have any extra time and money I highly recommend watching 'The Man Who Invented Christmas'. It's about Charles Dicken's journey to the creation of A Christmas Carol, the trailer (link here) looks super promising and I'm definitely excited to watch it one way or the other.

- Y.

(ps. If you're wondering why the Polar Express wasn't features: it's because I hate the fucking thing. I can't stand the boy or the animation. Sorry not Sorry.)