So Long, Farewell

hey there,

keeping in theme of my last blog post (read here) I thought inserting a little bit of The Sound of Music wouldn't hurt anyway. Today's post is about going home, going away, and feeling homesick. I've been in England for four months now and it has been quite the journey. Not just literally, also figuratively. I'm not sure if I've gone full Miley Cyrus - The Climb yet, but I'm definitely Climb Every Mountain (Sound of Music) level.

Moving abroad has been tough, which I didn't expect it would be- or at least not to this level.  I've always wanted to live abroad, and moving to the U.K. has truly been a wonderful experience. I didn't think I'd struggle with feeling homesick, but I did. The first two month were rough, but I was very lucky to have such amazing friends and family that were there for them whenever I needed them. They really went above and beyond to cheer me up, sending me care packages and post cards, that more often than not went lost in the mail :(, but point still stands!

I expected to feel weird about being back in the Netherlands, but apart from not being able to talk about people in Dutch, it's all pretty much the same. It's both nice and weird: whilst I have changed a lot, my surrounding haven't and I kind of expected them to? Being away made me realize how much I appreciate the Netherlands: the quality of the food, the cheese, the bread, the health care system, bike paths, and how flat every thing is. Don't get me wrong, the many hills have done great things for my legs and butt, but it's a pain in the ass (har har) to walk up hill every day.

I still have much to get used to in terms of living with people, curbing disappointment, and the Yorkshire accent, I do like to think I've come pretty far. I'm excited to see what a month away does to me and to my experience abroad when I return. I'm excited to stroll around my home town if the weather permits, and meet up with as many friends as possible. Bring on the oliebollen.

- Y.


  1. <3 <3 <3

    So proud of you, gurl!

    And same with missing how flat everything is, lmao

    1. Thanks Hilde, really means a lot <3
      flat = the greatest man

  2. Bring on the oliebollen!!!