York Day Trip

hey there,

I'm sorry there was no blogpost up this past Saturday. The week leading up to it was busy and I just did not find the time to sit down and write. With two weeks until the end of my first semester, I find myself struggling to find the motivation to do the smallest things, but I have planned out everything that's going up this month so be prepared for preparedness!

Last Friday, Gabriƫlle and I went on a day trip to York. York, ye olde one, is only about 50 minutes away by train so it was definitely a place we wanted to visit. It's also one of the most Christmassy towns, so that's also a big incentive for two Christmas lovers. I have been to York in the past, but that was a good 7 years ago. Funnily enough, nothing much had changed in those years. I found myself knowing where to go, where the shops were, and pointing out the Starbucks I had frequented for hot chocolates and frappuccinos...

We arrived at York train station, which takes you straight to the city center if you follow the old city walls. Sadly, due to the snow (YES SNOW!!!!) they were closed, but they still provide a nice entry way into the city. If you get the chance, definitely explore the walls. It's a nice straightforward walk
that shows you a different side of the town.

We entered the city and passed Burr, where we later ended up enjoying two stacks of American pancakes. There's plenty of independent cafes, shops, and restaurants around town so choose whatever tickles your fancy!

The historic parts of Yorktown have much to offer: a cathedral (York Minister), a tower (Clifford's tower, to be exact) and Shambles. Now, I don't always say my life is in Shambles, but walking through this street definitely made it clear. Besides the plethora of jokes, this street also provided the background for Diagon Alley -yes the Harry Potter one- and the shops definitely roll with the magic theme!

Right around the corner is the most magical street of all: whip-ma-whop-ma-gate. This 16th century street is the smallest street of York and is supposed to mean 'What a street!!!' and boi oh boi, what a street it is!

We ended our day where we began right around York Minister where we got to witness the golden hour. A quick stroll into the Museum Gardens brought us the most gorgeous winter sunset. It was stunning. I am very happy I found the manual button on my camera because it could not do it justice.

(We're just going to ignore that we had to wait over an hour and a half to get the train home)

Overall, it was a beautiful but chilly day in York. I think we got a good inkling of what York is like, and definitely warrants another visit in spring/summer. I really hope this has inspired you to come visit York, or at least wistfully look at Pinterest images of York.

See you again on saturday!

- Y.


  1. Ahhh York looks so pretty! Some v nice pictures you got there

    1. and there will be more!!! but thank you Hilde <3

  2. Replies
    1. I wish there was more snow always, just the kind that won't make me slip and fall