Recipe for a Good Day

hey there,

happy christhums, it's christmah. merry crisis, merry chrysler.

It is the Saturday before Christmas, and if you're out and about like me: 1) why 2) good luck.Let the lines be short and the people patient. Because Christmas is stressful enough, I thought it would be nice to share my recipe for a Good Day™ so in order to secure optimal relaxation.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes
    With all the food you're gonna chow down on, you might as well wear something that allows for the growth of your belly. My personal faves are jumpsuits, high waisted trousers, or skater dresses simply because they all allow for that food baby to come in whilst still looking fab.
  2. Put an end to Diet-Culture™
    Let's talk about the diet culture shall we. There's all this delicious food around you all ready for you to eat. Don't feel guilty for eating it. You are not wrong for eating a lot, you are not an awful person who doesn't deserve to eat what they want. You do not need to go on a strict diet come January. You are fine as you are. Just drink enough water and don't eat more than you can handle. Let yourself enjoy this time.
  3. Share the Love
    Christmas is hella stressful and dealing with people is even more stressful. Don't forget to tell people you love them. It doesn't have to be your great aunt who thinks immigrants are the root of all evil, but make sure to tell your friends you appreciate them dealing with your rants. 
  4. Look at pictures of dogs and cats
    13/10 guarantee to make your day betters: here's some of my faves.

  5. This is Pleun, he's my 10 year old cat and 12/10 asshole and I love him
  6. Reward yourself with some Christmas sale shopping.
    TREAT YOSELF even if Santa already did. What does that judgmental bastard know anyway, you deserve it all. 
  7. Watch Vine compilations
    Honestly, this is a sure-fire way to lift the spirits. There's plenty of hour long compilations for you to choose from but here's one of my faves.

Have nice chrismums or regular 25-26th of December! 


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