Hiking in the Peaks

Hi there,

About a month back me and my friend decided to go on an adventure in the Peak District, which is about 20 minutes from where we live. After some super intense googling and pinteresting we decided upon going to Stannage Edge near Hathersage. Now, neither of us are experienced hikers nor are we familiar with the area, but it looked beautiful so there was nothing to lose. The internet had promised us beautiful rock formations, a cool cliff, and sight for days. So we jumped on the bus and guessed where we had to exit, because English busses don't announce what stop you're at so good luck with that. 

 Some things you need to know before going on a hike like this and are not familiar with the environment:
  1. Don't trust your enthusiastic friend and just stick to the paths
Your friend will take you on an adventure that will result in both of you being soaked and dirty from the mud. Most of the area is moorland so it'll because very soggy after rain..... something neither we nor our shoes were prepared for. That's really all you need to know imho.

However, once you and your shoes are sufficiently wet, it doesn't really matter anymore and you can just enjoy the quiet calmness of the area. Even if you're not in a place where you can take the bus to a national park, just going out into nature even for an hour or so is super relaxing. I'm not one for hikes (yet?) nor am I one for nature, but walking around and the biggest worry being falling on your ass is a very nice change from the stress of school. It seems so simple, doesn't it? Why then don't we allow ourselves these moments?

And when you do fall on your ass, or more like slide into a deathdrop in the mud: that's alright too. Shit happens and it'll mostly get out in the wash. You just gotta make your friend help you up and clean you off. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate and a slice of cake or brownie in the neighboring National Trust park. Their cakes are delicious. 

It's nice to get out and explore, but start small and work your way to it. You don't need fancy hiking shoes or proper clothing immediately, all you need to do is find a good spot and a visible path. Drink plenty of water and bring snacks. Snacks are gr8 I love them. Also sit on high cliffs and ensure you're totally fine with heights and plunging to your death, just get that shot damnit. 

Do you have any favorite spots or recommendations to up our hike-game? 

- Y

Photo credits to the lovely GabriĆ«lle 


  1. "Snacks are gr8 I love them", iconic quote.

    Also how did I only now notice that adorable hat??? Pom poms for dayss

    1. put that on my gravestone amiright. I love pom poms anything, they're the perfect amount of fluff and fun