The Podcast Post: She's All Fat.

hey there,

I haven't had the most fortunate of relationships with podcasts. As in, the one podcast I followed for a while -Welcome to Nightvale- ended up being the background music to a car accident I had when I was nineteen. So you can imagine why I didn't listen to podcasts for a while after that.

I've always enjoyed listening to TED Talks or interviews, but never quite found a podcast that I could fully relate to... up until I found She's All Fat: A Body Positive Podcast. As you might guess from the title, it is a podcast made by and for fat women but with a body positive twist.

 I found She's All Fat through Instagram. I follow a lot of body positive women, because I think it's important to diversify my feed and get inspired (I hate that word) by body positive women. I've struggled with my self image from a young age: people made it very clear what they did not like about my appearance and as someone who wants to be liked this is difficult to let go. Through my discovery of people like Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence, Dana Falsetti, and Gabi Gregg (Gabifresh on IG) you learn to see your body in a different way and these women are really the ones that introduced me to the body positive movement. Fat visibility is very important to denounce the stereotypes attached to fatness. Fat women are valuable too. Regardless of their appearance. 

Which brings me to the podcast I'm trying to promote lol. She's All Fat is a body positive podcast presented by Sophie and April. They take their listeners through an array of topics: fashion, books, hair, politics, media, confidence, health, you name it. An important factor is that they take an intersectional approach, which is such a nice break from the constant white feminism that's in the media. 

What I really like about this podcast and why I think you should listen to it, even if you don't identify as fat, femme, female, or body positive, is that they allow a peak into a something which is an everyday-thing for many people. It's like reading someone's old diary and getting a feel for how they experienced life, except no one is dead and you just have to listen. Not only do you learn more about intersectional feminism, you should be able to relate or recognize the problems or problematic behaviors expressed during the hour long talk. It's just nice to hear women talk about shit you deal with too without other women or men or others questioning the validity of it.

It's all chill vibes and very funny at times. Sophie and April have great chemistry that translates very well to podcasts. I highly recommend you listen to it if you've got some time to spare, or if you don't still listen to it. It's 2017, time to multitask. 

- Y. 


  1. <3 <3 <3 <3

    This sounds gooood! Always gotta up my feminism game.

    (Also, my current podcast obsession is "Can I Pet Your Dog". YES, A PODCAST ABOUT DOGS!!)

    1. I gotta check out the dog podcast it sounds absolutely amazing <3 <3 <3