Turning Twenty-Three

hey there,

Today is my birthday! I turned 23 and sadly can no longer sing along to T-swift's '22'. No hard feelings about that though, I wasn't the biggest fan to begin with. I've changed this blog post around quite a bit since I started writing it to avoid writing a paper that I have now finished.... Although right now I'm still procrastinating writing another paper that was due today at midday, let's hope this bitch managed to pull it off! edit: I did - slept for 4 hours but concealer is bae

The past year was very eventful. Despite the difficulties that come with finishing a BA, starting over in a different country, and trying to get ASOS next day delivery to work, I made some seriously good friends along the way. They've helped me grow as a person in more way they'd probably know, I haven't thanked them enough and probably don't think I'll ever be able to. You are the most wonderful people in the world, so thank you.

To start this new year, I wanted to discuss some lessons I've learned during my 22nd year. I'll warn you in advance that not all of them are happy-go-lucky, something you might expect from a birthday blog post. But rest assured, I'll definitely try to eat some cake today to compensate.

I hope you have a lovely wednesday, and here's five lesson's I learned this year:

  1. Prioritize yourself
    Nothing is more important than taking care of yourself and your own wellbeing. So do whatever it takes to make sure you are doing okay, or are more content with the situation you are in. This is often not as easy as it looks, but time and again it's good to treat yourself. The past year I have definitely learned that prioritizing my own needs over what others want from me is very liberating. Has this influenced my performance? Oh yeah definitely, but for the better. I definitely don't need to overdose on allowing myself time to watch just one more Netflix episode, but from time to time guilt free Netflixing is a very nice change. 
  2. Ask for help
    This is something I have struggled with for a very long time. I am a very proud person and want to be able to do everything myself. If someone offers help I'm often too proud and/or embarrassed to say yes. Sometimes it's necessary to say: "No actually I'm not doing well" when your friends ask you how you are doing.  Listen to their suggestions and encouragements. I am very very grateful to all the new friends I made and old friend I kept. You can find help in many different ways, but the important thing is to be open to it. Help isn't pity, it's power. 
  3. Take (calculated) risks
    Playing it safe is good. I like safe, who doesn't?! Security is nice: there's no room for error. Who would change a tried and true recipe? Well, besides my friend Hilde, not me. Without meaning to, this year I took more risks than anticipated: I starred in a musical even though I have stage fright, and I applied for a MA even though I thought I wouldn't get in but I did! (These are just two examples don't drag me I took more risks - get out).  I took the risk and it paid off. And you know, taking risks and failing are also worth something. There's always a lesson to learn. Be it what mattress topper to choose (go for memory foam not something quilted) or what path to follow in the peaks to not end up on your ass. Here's to continue taking more (calculated) risks. 

  4. Say 'no' and do so unapologetically
    You know what's one of my favorite words besides fuck? It's no. Yet, whenever I say no, I immediately feel the need to apologize for my denial of the other person's wishes. The summer before last I read the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck" by Sarah Knight. This book has really taught me how to unapologetically say no to shit that clutters up my life. The more I read the book the more enthusiastically I began dishing out no's. No, I don't want to meet up with you. No I don't want to come to the library with you. No I don't want to make my own dinner, let's order noodles. I felt like the Oprah of no's. So not only do I highly recommend you read this book sooner rather than later, say fuck it to things that should not take up the time you don't have for them. Fuck it man, not today.
  5. Let go
    I have had to let go of more things than I would've liked to. In this case, I mean stop cropping up your feelings, let them out, let it go. It feels weird to write, but giving up is okay. You don't always have to win, trying should also count for something.  There's nothing more relieving than snacking with friends and just ranting about shit that bothers you. Or just fucking crying because shit sucks and sure it'll get better but not fucking now. It's exhausting as hell, but no one became stronger from cropping up feelings and not dealing with shit... I should probably try to let go of this procrastination streak I've seemed to make my primary trait, but maybe I'm not ready to let go yet. 

Sweater: Aerie - Jeans: Asos Curve - Beanie: Topshop (old)

Here's to a great twenty third year full of good things and free gifts with purchase.

- Y


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    So proud! And couldn't agree more, those are some important lessons.

    1. Hilde <3 you're giving me all the feels all the time.