yonnaway - an introduction

Hey there,

If you've come across this post it is probably because you follow my instagram and want to know what I'm going to turn this project into. You are also most likely to know me pretty well already. In case you don't or just want to be a little nosy, I've set up this handy little list of things you should know about me before you commit to ignoring my weekly posts.

I've named this blog yonnaway as a pun on gone away. As my name is Yonna which sounds very much like gonna but with the "yo" of yoghurt, it seemed like a punny play on words. And since I've actually gone away from my home country, ya know, it seemed fitting. Let me tell you, it's very difficult to work with a name that's an acronym for annoy. It'll just have to do, damnit.

This blog will mainly center around my experience of living abroad, struggles with dissertation writing, food, and fashion. As an avid visitor of both ASOS and pinterest, it is just two things I gotta carry along in other aspects of my life. Enough blabbering: on with the list!

  1. I'm Yonna, 22 years old and I'm currently doing a post grad in modern history in England.
  2. I have a cat at home, who is an absolute asshole, but whom I love very much.
  3. I am an only child, my mom loves me the most.
  4. I live together with three other girls from my previous uni
  5. Despite living in the UK I sound and write very American, like, totally
    1.  I also keep a tally of how many people thing I am American.. right now it's 8 incl. one Real American 
    2. I still sing along to songs from glee and I have no same
    3. I procrastinate like it's my job... hence it took so long for me to set up this blog
    4. I've wanted to start a Youtube channel since the early 2010 but I've always been too afraid to
    5. I have a group on snapchat that laughs at my jokes
    6. Blue is my favorite color
    7. I never met a stripe I didn't like. I LOVE STRIPES. At one point in time I had 12 striped items in my closet.
    8. I have five plants...I sadly forgot their names, but they're all still alive so that's gr8
    9. My favorite food is pasta bolognese, or ya know just pasta in general.
    10. I made this list 15 items long because 15 is one of my fave numbers and it's my birthdate 

    photo credits to the very patient Gabriƫlle

    Hope that was a little bit informative and made you not wanna hurl your phone at the other side of the room because there's yet another millennial writing a blog!!1! I hope you enjoyed and see you back again soon..ish


    1. a blog!!!
      I will be the weird aunt who comments on every post.

      P.S. do start a YouTube channel it would be hella sassy

      xoxo berg

      1. berg!!!!! super late reaction because I already told you elsewhere but I just got to comment again to tell you how much these means to meeeee <3