Tuesday Chat: Traveling

hey there,

This past weekend I spent in Israel enjoying the 20°C degree weather, soaking up as much sun as possible, and hanging with my best bae for her sister's wedding. I'm sure it was very fun and I'm sure I'm gonna be too exhausted to write a post when I get back (which is 1:25 am on a school night), so I decided to pre-write this post and schedule it.

This Tuesday's post is all about traveling. I thought it was a nice way to tie in with the fact that I traveled five hours by plane with an hour layover each way. So if you're interested in hearing me ramble about overpacking and flight stress just click the read more.

I am an over-packer by nature, and only being allowed to bring 8kg does not help. Your average suitcase weights around 2-3kg so that leaves me with roughly five kilos of shit to bring. This might seem like a lot but if you've dealt with this shit before you know it's very difficult. The fact that I had to pack for a wedding also did not help the case: heels are very heavy but very necessary on a trip like this. Luckily I've found some ways to keep the overpacking to a minimum so let me share what I do.

After looking at many Pinterest lists of how to pack for a short weekend away I look at the weather and my closet and make a list. My airplane outfit is always the same: leggings, t-shirt, a sweater and a scarf to keep me warm. Excluding the wedding day I need to bring two outfits, so naturally I brought three. Whilst I think it's important to have versatile clothing items, ya also gotta be clean and appropriately dressed. I brought one pair of jeans, two t-shirts, a skirt and a dress. Now usually this would not be that heavy, but I also brought half a suitcase full of gifts lol. A good tip I can give you is to roll your clothes and put them in a vacuum sealable bag. Saves some space and keeps everything tidy. Packing cubes also work, the ones from ikea are great.

Skin care and Make up
Thank god my best friend is an absolute saint because she offered to bring all the necessary things to keep clean: shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. are her responsibility. This saves so much space and weight. If she wasn't so nice I'd recommend buying the necessary items in the country you arrive in. It's too much of a hassle to decant for such a short stay. As for skincare, I'm just taking a minis. The only thing I've had to decant is my cleanser, but that's whatever. Makeup is more difficult, you can't really narrow much down if you need anything. So instead, I just brought the essential things, no need for three palettes.

Other essentials are obviously chargers, which I've packed in a separate bag. My camera is is the same bag, carefully positioned as to not break anything. I have boarding passes ready and my passport is packed in a handy to reach place. All that's left is getting to the airport in time. Which might be the most stressful thing because you have zero control over public transport. I'm sure everything will have gone fine.

If you've got any travel plans in the future: safe travels. If you do not: change that and treat yaself to a trip.

- Y.


  1. v jealous, the weather in Israel looked so niiiiiice.
    And yeah I gotta start putting my chargers in a separate bag, too. Before now I always just had them loose in my luggage and had to drag them out, that's way too much of a pain.

    1. I'm honestly so sad to be back in cold cold England, but on the other hand the weather forecasts snow and dis bitch loves snow <3. I highly recommend getting packing cubes it makes traveling so much easier and more organized. Doesn't mean my suitcase doesn't end up a big ole mess but fake organization!!!!